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Tutorial de Sketchup

A continuacion esta la liga para un tutorial de Google Sketchup

¿Porqué no tengo un burro como este?

E-Board is super classy and I love it! The ironing board has five components that adhere and adapt to the garment that you are ironing.
A controlling green knob allows you to split the board up for easy ironing of pants and wings out the sides for sleeves. Skirts, coats, trousers, shirts or any other thang, basically the board makes the mundane chore of ironing a whole lot easy.

Clever integration of a hanger-stand and iron-stand, adds to the perks.


Mesa con 4 sillas

Maceta con luz LED

Maceta para iluminar pasillos oscuros

Fabricado en fibra de vidrio. Desarma le para su mantenimiento